Factory logistics
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SCM – Supply Chain Execution System


For Manufacturing

  • Process planning and tracking
  • Efficiency accounting
  • Genealogy
  • Lean Manufacturing support
  • Minimized number of failures to meet deadlines

For transport

  • Manual and automatic planning
  • Costs accounting and control
  • Process monitoring
  • ADR support
  • Cooperation with mobile devices

For warehouses

  • Automatic goods identification
  • Support of batches and expiry dates
  • Automation of account settlement
  • Management of fork-lift trucks
  • Full control over warehousing processes

For plant environment

  • Traffic management
  • Delivery time windows
  • Delivery advice notes
  • Visits support
  • Minimized accumulation of scheduled events


We have been supporting logistics for two decades


Integrated SCE package

Integrated SCE package

We are one of the few companies in the world that offer a package of over a dozen systems in the SCE domain.

Trade line references

Trade line references

Our systems operate in production, distribution, trade and transport companies, as well as in logistics centres and many other enterprises.

Power of specialists

Power of specialists

Our group employs about 150 experienced specialists, which provides clients with the guarantee of stable and long-term cooperation.

Tested solutions

Tested solutions

Thanks to numerous implementations, we have become conversant with such technologies as RF, RFID, Voice Recognition, GSM, GPS, GPRS and such methods as Pick by Light and Pick by Line.


Many countries, different languagesOur systems are available in different languages for clients operating in many countries, including

Qguar in the world

This is a trustworthy brand, as they can testifyWe have had the pleasure of cooperating with leading companies in the market since 1997.



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